From Onew: Yoogeun, you’re already 20. Right now, I’m 22, so you must be 2 years younger than me. I didn’t think Yoogeun could ever be 20. So if you’re 20 right now, I must be 42. (Onew miscalculated here. If Yoogeun is 20, he’d actually be 38, since Yoogeun is 4 years old then.) It’s really sad. If we can see each other later, then let’s meet! Bye! Study hard!

 From Jonghyun: Hi, Yoogeun! You’re already 20. It seems like the days you cried for us to hold you were just yesterday. I become happy just imagining you to already be a grown up 20 years old. When you’re 20, let’s share fun memories and old stories with the appas and I hope we can watch this video together. I love you.

 From Taemin: You were so cute when you were young, so the appas are so curious to what you would look like right now. I will miss Yoogeun a lot. Always be healthy and become a Yoogeun who will try his best. Bye, Yoogeun! I love you. Bye!

 From Key: Yeah. Hi, Yoogeun. It’s Key appa. It’s Key appa, who you like the most. I feel really upset that today is our last day. Trying to part during this cold weather seems a bit chilly. I think you would have grown up very well. Let’s meet up again for sure! Be healthy! You’re the best! Bye!

 From Minho: I feel like I’m going to cry. Yoogeun… Even when you become an adult, always be honest and modest. Be a Yoogeun that tries hard at everything. Im so thankful for the good memories. Appa loves you a lot. I don’t think I can ever forget you. Yoogeun, grow up well. Let’s definitely meet again when you grow up! Yoogeun, be healthy until then! Bye.